Teaching/Tech Tuesdays--Easy File Conversion (Zamzar)

Let's say your school blocks YouTube videos, but you found this amazing clip of someone reenacting a scene from Twelve Angry Men that you just have to show your students.  You've looked on TeacherTube and other resources, but the video just isn't available anywhere else.  What do you do?


I found out about this great website from one of the teachers at my school.  I just went to Step 1, clicked on the URL link, entered the YouTube website, converted it into a wmv file, and had Zamzar email it to my school account.  So simple.  


Carol said...

Wow, that's brilliant! Great tip, Julie.

JulieJ said...

@carol , thanks! =)

Ryan said...

Zamzar is also great for file conversion! I use it to help out a lot of teachers when they have file compatibility issues and zamzar basically converts any file into the type of file you need. There are still some teachers out there using works and wordperfect, if you can believe it.

Awesome! You're the only other teacher I've read about that uses this! Great to see more people using it! :)

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