The Stylish Classroom/Office--Courtesy of Anthropologie

I was clicking through a NY Times slideshow about back to school accessories, when I saw a desk organizer by Anthropologie (8 of 9).  I had no idea that my favorite store sold office supplies!  Once I started looking at the "Room Decor" and "At the Desk" sections on the website, I was smitten.  

My top ten:

All photos in collage from Anthropologie.com

  1. Typeface Calendar, $21.95--Total typeface nerd, right over here.  
  2. Voice One Loudspeaker, $498--Way too expensive, but really lovely to look at.  Perfect for adding a little design element to my video presentations.
  3. Inch Marks Pencil Cup, $20--Whimsy in a cup
  4. Poet Journal, $32--For when inspiration hits
  5. Obliging Bird Clip, $18--Perfect for late passes (might have to empty it out every week though)
  6. Cover Story Postcards, $25--The vintage covers on the postcards are great for quick notes to colleagues.
  7. Flowering Twig Pencil, $5--Rustic and modern
  8. From the Desk of Notepad, $15--I really like how it adds "Metaphorically speaking" at the bottom of each note.
  9. Pinwheel Push Pins ,$15--They're so much prettier than the average push pin.
  10. Clothbound Penguin Classics, $20 each--I've always had a soft soft for beautiful books.


missfernie said...

i was going to get a you a back to school present! what do you want? i'll get you anything but no. 2!

Julie of All Trades said...

You are the best. =) Will think about it and email you. Thanks!

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