Sentence Fragments--NYC Edition

Unbelievable round trip drive without any traffic whatsoever
Sailboats anchored here and there in the Boat Basin
UP's old apartment building
Pulling into the parking garage (parking coupons rock!)
Thai food with my two best friends
Comedy improv debut (hilarious/disturbing birth scene...had to be there)
Easy conversation at The Tempest
Late night walk
Sweaty, stinky subway
Cool AC of apartment lobby
Up and out in fifteen minutes
Thoroughly savoring the early morning calm
Hating pigeons
Watching cabbies play backgammon
Glimpse of Times Square (not a big fan)
Grande Soy Chai Latte (please)
Easy drive to West Side Highway
Gorgeous view of Hudson River
Composing odes to NYC in my head


missfernie said...

seriously, had to be there!!! thanks for coming out! btw, great photos!

Julie of All Trades said...

@missfernieI had an absolute blast. Thanks!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Oh, I miss NYC. The craziness of it all.

Julie of All Trades said...

@Natalie | The Bobby PinNYC is so amazing. It is never boring. I'm already planning my next visit for October!

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