This Used To Be My Playground

When I first heard that song from A League of Their Own, I realized that I actually kind of liked Madonna...well, at least her sappy side.  Can you believe the movie was released in 1992?  

For some reason, when I go home and spend time in my old childhood room, that song drifts into my mind.  It's also kind of neat/weird that my own kids are jumping on my old four poster bed (unfortunately, my Peanuts Belle canopy has been taken down) and asking me questions about old knickknacks I collected in my teens.  

  1. High school graduation tassel, teddy bear piggy bank, The Corrs CDs (I used to play "So Young" on repeat all the time in college), Precious Moments mini plate
  2. My figurine collection...included Pochacco, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Wade Tea figurines, and more Precious Moments dolls.
  3. Stickers from Botan Rice Candy boxes 
  4. Painting of roses I did in middle school...with a lot of help from my art teacher.  A lot.  As I've mentioned before, I am not a crafty or artistic person by nature.  
  5. Feather masks...I vaguely recall buying them through a catalog that my middle school art teacher had, but that sounds really strange.  
  6. Marble collection in a turtle shaped box...the tenant downstairs had a big water jug filled to the brim with marbles.  These are a few that she gave me as a gift.
  7. Old dresser drawers with faux gold trim.  It appealed to the princess in me, what can I say?
  8. Little Twin Stars jewelry box filled to the brim with self-made wire jewelry, '80s style neon plastic earrings and bracelets, and costume jewelry that my mom gave me.  There might even be a jelly bracelet or two in there.  

What are some things you still have from your childhood?  I keep most of my things at my parents' house, but I've brought a few treasures home with me.  The feather masks can stay in my old room though.


missfernie said...

i still have my grizzly bear and brandon dog. grizzly lives with me in the city and brandon lives in staten island. i also still have my first copy of pride and prejudice. it's all worn and the first 50 pages are falling out but it'll be one of those books i'll always keep.

JulieJ said...

@missfernie I know what you mean about the books. I love going home and rereading old favorites like Eight Cousins and Me and Katie (the Pest).

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